The Problem:

Having looked at any number of posts about this issue, here we are in the middle of 2014 and still LG have not fixed this appalling bug in their firmware.

Is it a fault with their programming? Absolutely.

Is it anything to do with your network configuration? No, or at least unlikely. Although at this point it must be said that it shouldn’t require 20 years experience of computer networking in order to get your TV working.

I read many posts with people saying they have this problem. According to LG it’s only a very small number of people reporting this problem. I say that’s because it’s only a small number of people who know how to configure wireless streaming of video  to their TV in the first place, or have any idea what a DLNA connection is!

Have I solved this? Yes I think so, but having said that, my setup may or may not be the same as yours.

My TV is an LG42LN575v and was bought new as of early 2014. It has the latest version of LG’s firmware available and was still dropping it’s connection when everything else on my wireless network was working perfectly.

My Setup:

I spent £250 on a bracket that allows me to swing the TV around as well as tilt. I put a new power socket half way up the wall which fits beautifully behind the TV and the cable is completely hidden from view. The last thing I wanted was an unsightly cable connecting to a BluRay player or ‘Set top box’. I just wanted wireless all the way baby. I bought a Synology DS213J NAS Drive (a very nice bit of kit and great value for money).

Except it doesn’t work properly. The connection was continually getting dropped and the only way to re-establish it was to re-boot the TV. This is LG’s fault entirely. They’ve had this problem from what I can see going back to 2011 – and it all comes down to sloppy programming – and this I can’t bare.

The Solution:

The solution was surprisingly simple and doesn’t require an unsightly CAT5 cable running round the house. My NAS drive had in it’s network options a hidden away option to enable ARP (I didn’t have a clue what this was until I did some digging) but by enabling this option the connection between the LG and my NAS drive has been much more stable, sometimes lasting several hour before loosing it’s connection. As an added precaution I also look for, and disabled any power saving options I could find. I know this means the NAS is up 24/7 but then who cares? So are my other servers…

All working perfectly and not a cable to be seen as far as the distant horizon…

Best wishes,



Some people say “add a cable here, add a cable there” – No. This is about wireless networking nothing less. If I have to drag people kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, then that’s the way it’ll be.

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