Our very own Simon Nicol takes a look at how to get the most out of your computer hardware – extreme overclocking! Don’t try this at home kids.


I hope you do realize that Caspian IT is primarily a hardware and computer networking company, but I’ve just realized that I’ve written so many posts about web design and development that I’ve neglected some of the really fun stuff you can do with hardware.

This post is dedicated to getting the most out of your hardware – and in no short measure either – trust me.

We all know that overclocking your PC makes it run faster, the challenge here is all about cooling your system so that when your processor runs at a higher frequency/temperature it can still remain stable.

Well now – lol. Get ready for this.

Forget your larger fan, don’t even bother with your water cooling malarkey. This is how it’s really done. Have you ever thought about entering the realms of super-cooling?

What if we were to take the temperature down a lot, not just to -10c or even -100c, we’re talking about crio friggin’ genic suspension and then overclock the $h!t out of it! LOL!

That’s right kids, all it takes (and we know water is bad for electricity and circuit boards) is to immerse your entire system – minus the case in a non-conductive, super cold fluid, for example liquid nitrogen. That’s the stuff Mr. Walt Disney’s brain has been frozen in (and everyone else who has the money but not faith in the existence of life beyond what we now know – but that’s another story – if you find that more interesting have a look here).

This post is about being rather silly really and taking things to an extreme that only the laws of Physics will allow (your parents certainly won’t – trust me on that one). Yup, we’re suggesting you take your system down to almost absolute zero. That’s -273c or zero degrees Kelvin. Also be careful in case of any spills because bringing your kid sister out of stasis can get tricky!

With a polystyrene crate, 20 Litres of liquid Nitrogen (LN2) – (this stuff sublimates fast man!) and a fully working hyper expensive 3.33GHz Core i7 975 processor and motherboard, the plan is to immerse all the components into this box and reduce the temperature to a point akin to the ‘dark side of the moon’ (I say akin to the dark side of the moon because we all know that just because the Moon is tidally locked to the Earth doesn’t mean that the ‘far’ side of the Moon doesn’t see any Sunlight – but anyway I digress…)

The point here is to completely take the piss <citation needed> and have a lot of fun doing it. Have a look at what these boys are up to when you have a few minutes to spare http://hothardware.com

When of coarse you’ve completely voided your Warrantee for not only opening the case without being in the presence of a qualified engineer, but also for submerging your entire system in liquid nitrogen and taking the motherboard temperature to as low as the coldest place in the Universe and then over-clocking your system to 17,000 times it’s rated frequency – I’ll take a look at it for you.

Caspian IT provide some great deals on Computer components, whether you want to super-cool them or not, Professionally I would suggest that you don’t but then where’s the fun in that? If you would like a slightly less extreme computer system that’s a good deal more stable. Then give me a call on 0208 406 1003.



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