Google may say PageRank is no longer of any importance, but I have decided to write this post out of belligerence and for the sake of having the PageRank Checking tool on my site.

I have recently proven to myself (10/02/2010) that Google ABSOLUTELY and WITHOUT ANY DOUBT do use PageRank and also that the higher ones PageRank the more traffic will be sent your way – but there is a good reason for this:

Recently my 2003 Server finally gave up it’s ghost (R.I.P), it was nothing special hardware wise a Celeron 1.7GHz CPU with 1GB RAM.

After it died I upgraded it to a Quad Core 2.8GHz CPU with 4GB RAM and my PageRank instantly went up from ‘0’ ZERO to a PageRank of 1. The very same day my PageRank increased the amount of traffic I received nearly trippled! I went from on average 800 unique visits per month to nearly 2,000 visits per month – This is on the same home broadband connection.

I believe the reason for this is there is very little point in Google sending traffic your way if your webserver simply can’t handle it – that makes perfect sense!

I have written a number of posts about PageRank so I won’t go into exhaustive detail about it here, other than to briefly mention that the PageRank for this website is 0 (zero). Having a PageRank of zero no longer has any affect on my emotional well being and it has absolutely no effect on my search rank position whatsoever.

Aside from that I have been fortunate enough to have a number of incoming links (citations) from a few very popular websites and it hasn’t changed my PageRank one iota.

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:
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I would strongly suggest that you pay no heed to the results whatsoever (Google don’t) and to any company trying to sell you advertising space or offering you a link from their site in order to boost your ‘PageRank’ you make short shrift of. It’s only advertising companies that are trying to keep the myth of RageRank alive and for no other purpose than financial gain – it was because of this abuse that Google dropped PageRank as a criteria for search placement altogether.

PageRank is dead! Long live PageRank!



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