I know I said I wouldn’t blog until I had caught up with all my company accounts, but seeing as I’m now dealing with accounts – why not blog about them!

This is a letter I’ve just finished to my bank Barclays in an effort to re-claim the ridiculous bank charges I have received over the past year and that need accounting for.

Barclay’s Bank PLC.

“Personal Banking”
Leicester LE87 2BB.

Your ref:  3622630550/11

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you with regard to the multiplicity of unreasonable and unlawful bank charges I have been penalised with over the past year.

There are a number of points I would like to address with regards your service. Firstly that the term “Personal Banking” is a complete misnomer, I have never met Mr. A Harris (head of current accounts) and I am somewhat dubious that he is writing to me personally either. Having spoken to a woman in a call-centre in India I was put through to my local branch only to be greeted with an answer phone. I now find myself writing to a postcode in Leicester and would like to express that I hardly feel as though I am receiving a service with a ‘personal touch’.

Secondly, I am now quite fed up having received letters charging me £8.00 on eleven separate occasions. I find this quite unacceptable.

On one occasion I visited a cash-point, checked my balance, found it to be within my limit and then paid a small sum of money by card to Sainsbury’s supermarket. Only to be informed by my branch manager that the balance of the cash-point machine was in fact wrong, that Sainsbury’s shouldn’t have been paid and that I was in fact to be charged a further £8.00 for the inconvenience.

When I joined Barclays as a student at Sussex University I was impressed with the friendliness of the branch manager and the courteous and respectful manner with which he went about conducting business.

Since then, and having moved to Croham Valley Road in Croydon, I have received nothing but cause to be unimpressed with the business practises of Barclays PLC and find myself with little if anything, good to say about the company.

As I am currently in the throws of book keeping I cannot fail to notice the unreasonable bank charges I have been faced with over the past year, I would further like to bring to light the matter of the most recent bank charge. Your Ref: 3622630550/11

The PAYPAL non-payment of £31.38 highlights an important point which was the accidental click of a mouse button activating the automatic generation of this fine.

The same minute that I realised I had used the wrong account to make a payment, I sent off an email requesting an immediate refund – which was granted.

I of coarse have records of these e-mails and can specify the exact time when this occurred. This should mean that no charge was made to my account by PAYPAL. Yet, still I suffer the imposition of a bank charge.

Furthermore having checked which bank card my PAYPAL account was linked to. I found that it was to my old – out dated – and cancelled bank card! This means the transfer should never have been validated anyway. Yet again you still insist on imposing a bank charge for a transaction that should never have taken place, wasn’t paid for in any case and was otherwise refunded anyway…

I have unassailable evidence that on other occasions there have been funds available in my account and yet still, payments have gone unmet and charges have been made to my account. I do not wish to have to take the matter further in hand, but should it prove necessary I will seek the advice of friends on the Queen’s Council, I would have no hesitation in meeting with the National Press and I would not delay in requesting the Ombudsman take the matter in hand.

These errors in bank charges must clearly be an oversight on the part of Barclays PLC and purely a clerical error. God forbid that Barclay’s management are knowingly charging millions of people for invalid transactions and creating numerous millions in profit on the basis of malpractice. In spite of the evidence at hand I feel certain that Barclays personal banking service operates with the upmost integrity. High Street banks have received billions of pounds over the past year having been bailed out of a crisis from the public purse and now millions of pounds have been paid in bonuses to a management for a crisis well managed.

I would be perfectly willing to overlook the many unjustifiable and unlawful charges that have been made to my account and would rather not have to bother my friends at The High Court and the Court of Appeal over a trivial matter such as this. However being as poor as I currently am, I find myself needing to contest these unreasonable charges and would rather that they were put down as a matter of clerical oversight. I request that all charges totalling the sum of £xxx.00 be refunded to my account without further ado.

Hoping for a swift resolution to this otherwise regrettably tiresome matter,

Yours very truly,

Well that’s got that of my chest and I am now feeling quite self justified about the rotten state of the banking industry. I find myself still thinking in high foluting terminology and am enjoying the self indulgent vocabularicly gymnastic dynamism – lol. It’s a little like having just seen Henry V and been infected with the Shakespearian thought process.


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