Registry Cleaners
Registry Cleaners

In this article I review a whole assortment of registry cleaners.

Running a computer repair company during the day and building websites at night I spend my whole life around IT – How sad is that!? Well personally I love it. Computers are easier to get on with than a nagging girlfriend… Or are they?

Anyone who’s had spyware infecting their computer system or has had to put up with a corrupt registry that makes it run really really slowly will know just how much grief it can cause.

In this article, I put my nerdy experience of registry cleaners to good use. I’ve repaired well over 1,000 computers and I must say having a clean and error free system registry makes a whole load of difference. So much so in fact that waiting until your computer starts to run like a dog before searching out a good registry cleaner would be a mistake.

Here I take the registry cleaners… to the cleaners and see just how good they really are.

Whenever you install a program or even uninstall a program, every time you download a file from the Internet changes are made to the system registry. It’s a bit like having a filing cabinet that records every letter that comes through your letterbox. Some times it needs a good clean out and re-organising.

Before you buy any registry cleaner or anti-virus program BEWARE, because some programs that purport to be a cleaner are in fact spyware! Yes indeed, some people have absolutely no morals at all, they will install a rogue program on your system pretend to scan your system and lo and behold will find all sorts or viruses and spyware on your system that it says it will remove for you if only you buy their product. It’s quite disgraceful behaviour really.

If you are in any doubt I suggest you call in a professional to have a look at it for you, or even just give them a call ask them for advise. Most IT professionals are perfectly happy to help out so don’t be afraid to ask.

Hold onto your hat because a properly optimised computer will run faster than when you bought it brand new!

The very best of the registry cleaners are reviewed below.




 RegClean really is rather good. It’s cleaned my system up for many years. It’s easy to install, comes with a 30 day FREE trial and does an excellent job of cleaning out the garbage from the system registry.I did ponder giving RegClean slightly more than 4 stars, but I had to knock it down a bit for one reason – 64 bit operating systems have been around for quite some time, and although it should be possible to install any application as a 32-bit program, RegClean just wasn’t having any of it.So as long as your OS is 32 bit, you have an excellent product you can trust to really optimise your computer.The price is reasonable at


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