Q. I used to be able to press the ‘Scan to PC’ button on my M2070W printer and scan documents wirelessly over my network to my PC but now I get the message ‘Not Available’ what’s happened?

A. For some reason the Samsung Easy Print Manager can loose it’s settings. Solving the problem is actually very straight forward.

Go to the PC you want to scan documents to and check that the Samsung Easy Printer Manager is up and running. If it isn’t or you don’t have it installed on your system you can download it from my Google Drive HERE. It’s pretty big at around 290MB so it might take a while depending on your connection speed. It’s also an .ISO file which I created using PowerISO, for some reason the standard Microsoft ISO mount doesn’t like it. (If too many people have a problem getting hold of the Printer Manager Software, I’ll see about creating another image for you.)

Open up the print manager and go to the Scan to PC Settings tab at the top (you will need to Switch to Advanced Mode to do this). Next make sure that where the Scan Activation option is, that the ‘Enable Scan from Device Panel‘ radio button is selected.



Next click Save


You’re good to go!

Best wishes