I have complained to LG about their software since the day I bought my┬áLG 42LN575V-ZE – Though I’m absolutely sure it applies to many other models. I’m a video games programmer, a computer repair man and a network engineer. Apparently all the problems I’m having with my TV eg. (having to pull the power cord out and completely re-boot it) are all my fault. I’m clearly an inexperienced user (more fool me)

So when I look at SmartShare on my LG42LN575 TV and I see a file called ‘Sheryl’s vagina karaoke’ it’s all clearly my fault. I clearly put that file there myself and obviously I’m just another one of their entirely stupid users.


Your software is shit, it’s week, insecure, buggy – and get this. When the 1,000’s of us complain we are all told that “we’re the only one. that our software is perfect. It’s not our fault – it’s all about you and how stupid you are……..” sort of replies.


I am a software developer. I guarantee you that I’m many times better than your entire software department combined. Your hardware is fine your software is crap. Get to work and sort this NOW!!

Get in touch. No really I shit thee not.


Firstly your os needs a way of communicating with other systems on the network, windows, linux, OSx etc. You should be able to stream from any of these systems. You should have your own internal RAM/ROM/SSD etc of at least 128GB. Your TV is simply just another node on the network nothing more (other than you have a display that’s 40″ – 90″ wide) A smart TV is just another member of the network that does what it needs to do – and do it well.