It’s really isn’t Sci-Fi for me, it’s just a soap opera. Obviously writing some crap storyline is a lot cheaper than paying for a special effects company to do it’s work.

Why is ‘Destiny’ so dark? I mean the ship is capable of inter-galactic travel, which as we know – even opening a wormhole to the Pegasus Galaxy requires a ZPM. Destiny can travel many times faster than light and is powered by the ‘stars themselves’ any yet there’s not enough energy to turn a few lights on – What gives?

“We are going to survive, we are going to make it home” Really? I don’t think so mate. It’s billions of light years from Earth and isn’t Destiny supposed to travel around the furthest ends of the universe seeding Stargates?

Sorry but I think this show has a long way to go before even getting close to SG-1 or SGA.


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