This post relates to products being sold with draconian licensing policies and extortionate prices for a product that most other places on the Internet provide free of charge It allows ‘friendly URL’s’ to be understood by Microsoft’s IIS server: I have copied it here because although I have no problem with this companies product – I do believe that people should be made aware that there are other options out there that are completely free of charge and I just find them extremely opportunistic and I would like people to be made¬†aware:

I do have a number of questions, I’m a little cynical so excuse me for that but I can see why you don’t allow public comments…

You do know that Microsoft provide this capability for IIS7 completely free of charge don’t you?
Did you know that for IIS 5,6 & 7 and also for Apache – WordPress has a number of SEO plugins that do exactly what IIS Mod-Rewrite does also completely free? These plugins are also available for any number of websites on any number of servers and there is still no charge…. go figure.

I can’t help but feel you’re trying to sell ‘air’ here. Yes what your software does is important for SEO, but I don’t think people would be too happy if they had to pay for it everytime they breathed in – do you?

Do you think Google charge every time someone uses their search engine?

Why is it that your simple software is so expensive? Why is it that your software ties itself into the cpu serial number and mac address of the network card to stop it being installed on another computer if I upgrade? Does it also contain dial home software? What else does it report to your servers? You might as well just install some packet filters to make sure those naughty customers don’t visit competative websites.

If I buy a pair of socks from you – am I only allowed to wear them with one particular pair of shoes?

Your prices (in my opinion) are exorbitant your business model stinks and your licensing policy(again in my opinion) is draconian.

I absolutely guarantee these policies will loose you money, business reputation and customers – if you don’t reconsider revising everything about the way you market, sell and license your software, you will loose out.

I was considering buying this product but it’s too expensive and when I upgrade my server it will be of no use to me.
Customer gone, money lost…



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