Want to stop Chrome from loading every single tab on startup?

Chrome is a nice browser, but like many things has a few fundamental flaws. One of the most annoying ones is that it opens every single tab from your last session whether the tab is selected on not, thus delaying using your browser until everything’s finished.¬† Every single Chrome user on the planet hate this feature about Chrome more than anything else and still Google, year after year have refused to fix this! So you know what? Stuff¬† ’em there’s a fix for this anyway and you can download it from here. Once it’s downloaded simply go to chrome://extensions in Chrome’s address bar and than drag n’ drop footab.crx into Chrome for installation.

Want to stop Chrome from playing every single YouTube video on every tab ?
The next most annoying thing Chrome does (which there is again another fix for) is playing every YouTube video on every tab whether it’s been selected or not, meaning you could have half a dozen videos playing all at once.
This Chrome extension will prevent the YouTube videos from starting as long as the tab is not active when you open Chrome:

If Firefox didn’t crash all the time I’d be using that, but in the mean time it’s Chrome.