The guy at the end of this thread Mandi; who seems like a ‘troll’ was in fact the only person to ask a sensible question.

“Has anyone tried exporting a valid zone built up using the Synology DNS interface, and then attempted to import that very same zone? It tells me that “The file format is incorrect. Please see Help for more details.”

Which is a correct question to ask. The reason being is that in attempting to import a DNS zone from Windows Server 2012 (which is incidentally output in plain text format) triggers the above error. Adding insult to injury, setting up the Syn DS213J as a ‘slave’ DNS server with all the ‘correct’ for the DNS Master server and triggering a ‘Notify’ doesn’t seem to work either…

Maybe I’m missing something but I really don’t think so. Fortunately for me I only have a few zones I need to transfer so doing the whole lot manually won’t take that long but it’s a pain. I like things to work…

Oooh, oooh, oooh!

Silly me. I was attempting to transfer the DNS info from the WRONG DNS server. I run a ‘split’ DNS service here on my network. One that resolves internally (192.168….) and another Web server that resolves DNS to my external WAN IP. I had mistakenly authorised the wrong DNS server to do the transfer – that’s why I wasn’t getting any zone information.