The Capricorn 15 Project:

The future of firewalls and the Capricorn 15 artificially intelligent home sentinal system.

A firewall is basically a logical sequence of conditions that must be met before any information is exchanged. For a website that information is reasonably freely given within the bounds designated by age, content or location.

It seems as though firewalls are currently (2009) a far more  straightforward affair, ie email communications function on port 25; but as the complexity and purpose of internet traffic dynamically advances, so will the needs and requirements of a firewall/request for information interchange to filter the traffic requests and value of its data.

A computer should always seek to increase the quality and value or the information it stores in its memory, in as much as humans value a good education. A computer will always seek to optimise and trade up the value of its information with other computers on the network within the limits.

The firewall, webserver, email server, document holder etc, all merge into one ‘omni’ application working seemlessly. All media exchanges become an Internet transmission. The owner of that information is always the creator. Movie and entertainment media becomes a highly complex closed book standard. A computer ‘bonds’ with its human. The human must use this system to connect to the Internet, the computer terminal will be allowed rights to watch media..


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