It has become increasingly important for small firms to gain a technological advantage. Many large corporations have huge computer systems that are not using the best technology of what is available today. It just takes too long to roll-out a completely new system to keep up with their userbase.

This is where the small company has a clear advantage over larger corporations. Using that advantage is only a matter of consulting with firms like Caspian IT Ltd. When a group has speedy and efficient communications open, there is a far higher degree of effectiveness.

Maintaining an effective use of and presence on the Internet is the gateway to a rapidly expanding new economy. This is not the time of boom then bust. It is the time of lean, flexible, efficient and dynamic marketing.

I could imagine the day is not too far off when we each have a device that is a wearable interacting with a ‘cloud’ that manages our personal information. I believe before we rely of systems such as this we need to look very seriously at what the rammifications of this are. Maybe the old addage ‘information is power’ is actually a lot more important than we think.

I believe that each of us should have our own personal ‘server’ that controls the ebb and flo of information about ourselves according to our onw specifitactions and to whatever is in our bests interests. This shift in the dynamics of the ‘right to store’ information about ourselves is entirely in our own control and remains in our own personal posession.

Therefore if the only computer in the world that was allowed to store information about me was my own computer I would have complete control over who has access to my personal information. For a request for information about me would have to be approved by my own computer and nobody elses, I can have complete control of my freedom and the freedom of my information.

I have started to build the beginnings of such a computer system with my  Caspian FireHorse XH7 series. These micro-ATX form factor servers come out the box with a pre-configured self hosting domain name. This means that out-the-box you will have a secure connection to your information from anywhere you might be.

The Caspian XH7 Home server will host your own personal or small-business website, it utilises the versatility of WordPress which can be configured to be anything from a simple home site to an E-commerce merchandising system.

The XH7 will allow you access to your files and documents, videos and mp3’s. It really is quite liberating having your own personal server web server, it means you’re never really out of touch.

The XH7 is a great was of developing an online income stream. With optional Google AdWords configuration you are able to get paid for advertising other products, goods and services that if clicked on will generate you revenue.

With Remote Desktop access over a secure connection you will have access to your electronic information when ever and where ever you are that has an internet connection.


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