12 people, 12 months. Each person has a blog site (as many websites as they like) it is up to them to write about all things and everything they like. Not all on one blog site, but a specific site dedicated to what they are advertising/writing about.

These websites include hobbies, work, a small business. Each competitor recives a certain number of points (money). The Entrepneur with the most at the end with the most would win.

In fact thinking about this: If everyone in the World were given exactly the same amount of money. Let’s say £1 *10^6. Given enough time again there would be rich and poor. The lucky and the unlucky. The successful and the unsuccessful.

So you see, even from the begining it’s not how much we have but what we do with what we’ve got. When anyone speeks to you, it’s not that what they’re saying is absolute fact, it’s just their opinion. Their version of reality. Their perceprion of what’s going on around them.

The gift of communication is two gifts in one. It”s the gift of listening and it’s also the gift of representing oneself’, the gift of speeking, of sucessfully communicating one’s ideas, making them tangable.

The clarity of vision is an aim – a goal that is so clear, that from one’s own imagination one can see it so clearly as to be able to reach out to it and touch it. To make it so clear as to be able to actually taste it –  Make it real!

Made real from thought alone.


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