Unfortunately caspianit.co.uk has been offline for a few days. My old 2003 server having faithfully been up and running and online for the best part of 4 years finally gave up the ghost.It didn’t just ‘die’ but rather started fading away to a point where it was crashing every few hours – which for a Domain controller, file server and web server is not a good thing. So alas at the end of last week I had to call it a day and just lay it’s hard working components to rest.

But wait!

Welcome Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V virtualisation technology! My old 2003 Servers hard drive was still perfectly in tact! And with a cunning little program by Microsoft called disk2vhd.exe (which you can download from here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/ee656415.aspx) all I had to do was to run this program on my old servers hard drive and turn the entire thing in to a virtual machine!


My old server, with all it’s years of painstaking OS configuration and optimisation lives again! That’s right kids! Nothing’s been lost whatsoever. My entire server lives on as a virtual machine in the belly of this Windows 2008 Server.

Man oh man, technology these days is so cool. With a 64-bit Quad core processor this Windows 2008 Server kicks some serious butt! Gone are the days of having to re-install and re-configure a server on new hardware when you can just virtualise the old one – Sa weet!

If you’re wondering whether to upgrade from your old 2003 server to 2008 – I say do it. Just do it, it’s an excellent move.



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