On the negative side

Do not attempt to pick up your laptop using your right hand – EVER! The underside of the case is extremely thin and flimsy. Any attempt to to pick up your laptop will bend the plastic underside where the RAM is kept – You WILL short the computer, instantly loose all your information and (assuming you haven’t just blown it up) force the system into a reboot.

By default the touchpad has terrible issues; moving the cursor in any direction seems to bring up the ‘Charms’ bar. There are fixes for this but you will have to Google your way out of this problem – not for anyone who is not already familiar with Windows.

Another negative is Toshiba probably has among the worst technical support of any laptop manufacturer – don’t even bother calling them – If (or should that be when) something goes wrong – Fix it yourself.

On the plus side.

Its nice to have an i7 processor at hand and 6Gig RAM is fine for most purposes. A pretty good gaming laptop and I particularly like the illuminated keyboard, never having had one before I now don’t know how I could have lived without it!

I’m in two minds as to whether I would recommend this laptop or not. The dodgy mouse pad problem can be fixed, and the RAM shorting the system can be avoided as long as you know where to avoid picking it up.

Sci-Fi Si.