What is going on? It seems (no sorry) in fact – WordPress updates get released every billionth on a nano second.


Ok it’s not quite that bad, but if you’re like me and you have a suite of plugins, including the All in One SEO (or should that be – the All Seeing Eye –  which seems to get updated at least once a week – and still it displays %page_title% on my posts).

It all seems to get a bit much.

I spend about an hour or two every day writing posts – which is great fun, but then I spend the rest of my life updating plugins, WordPress core etc… And what makes it even funnier is I write websites in Drupal as well – get a load of that!

Just call me Mr. Update

I would love to tell you all that there’s a plugin that will update all other plugins and WordPress core as well – automatically in your sleep…

“One plugin to rule them all, one plugin to find them, one plugin to download them all and in the darkness (that’s because it’s far too late and you’re probably sleeping – either that or you’ve just passed out due to exhaustion) bind them.”

It seems to me that a ‘Sauron’ plugin would actually be jolly handy. Maybe when I have my PhD in PHP I’ll write a plugin like that – then maybe, we can all get some sleep!


Sleep deprived Web Designers of the World – Vote Sauron!


Lord Sauron, formerly Timothy Sauron of 26 Ridley Rise, Storrington, West Sussex. Used to be a nice guy, <citation needed> he started off as a video games programmer, but after being worked to the point where he was bleeding out the eyeballs and getting ripped off on royalty payments went a bit off the rails and turned to the ‘other side’. Setting up a business as a double glasing salesman he opened a shop in the Southwest called ‘More Doors‘.

After his double glasing business failed due to the lack of gullable people, he turned his considerable talents to writing plugins for WordPress – This way he knew he could dominate the World…

A Note from the Author:

That was indeed a bad business choise of Timothy’s I’m afraid. Mind you any man that needs a bottle of Optrex that badly can’t really be blamed for lack of vision – and in fact all that’s left of him is just one eyeball (which is on fire – talk about over worked!). However; had he set up a Dental Lab such as http://uniteddentallaboratories.co.uk he could have cleaned up with all those Orc about the place.


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