Some handy pointers I learned to selling stuff online and more importantly how to make a living out of it.

I learnt this from a guy called Rob Snell who’s been marketing online for the past 10 years. Below is a summary of some very good tips. Rob is also the author of “How to set up a Yahoo business – For Dummies”. You can find out more about Rob by visiting him at his homepage

  • Don’t be afraid to give your opinion – People are too busy to do research.
  • Download your Brain – Content, the more you have out there the better.
  • Everyone that you pay money to – Get them all to link to your site.
  • Link to your sectional products page, not your home page.
  • Rich product descriptions generates a “long tail” for SEO.
  • Deep content establishes you as an expert, increases credibility.
  • Find out what the best sellers are online – Amazon market place best seller list, or EBAY completed auctions. as provide this information on a wide range of products.
  • Focus on a niche.
  • Have a strong interest in what you’re selling (personal attachment)
  • In depth product knowledge is desirable
  • Research Drop-Shipping companies like or its a good way to get sarted. Look into building ‘micro sites’ a product specific mini site to see what specific keywords do well.

    Building an Online reputation and maintain your rankings, stumble upon, digg, swap quality links, chat in forums and get into a dialogue – BE PART OF A COMMUNITY.

    Articles and blogs to demonstrate your credibility, set up an e-mail newsletter (you can post items from you Blog if you want) Help people to get to know you by being personable in your writing style and videos and make tutorials. Don’t talk in the third person (passive). I’ve just…

    “Six before it sticks” Repition is key become an online star!


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