WordPress & Drupal – Using a CMS

If you’re looking for a super-duper website I highly recommend using a content management system (CMS) It make’s it much easier to add new content to your site, posting updates and writing new stories, chat to your visitors and bring your site alive.

There are a number of content management systems available – for FREE. It just takes some 0’s 1’s and a little bit of magic to bring them alive – plus the cash to make it all happen.


The Uber easiest and most popular CMS system in the World, it gets constantly updated for free – is open source, comes with tonnes of available plugins that add extra features and is really easy to maintain and add new things. The search engines love WordPress and would be perfect for anyone / small company that would like a sparkley web presence. This website has been developed in WordPress!

No need for a screen shot here – this site IS WordPress!


Drupal is the pro version of CMS land. With Drupal you can run communities, e-commerse shops, catalogues – pretty much everything you can thinkĀ  of. Development of Drupal sites can take several months, but wow wee if you want an award winning super site that’s ready to compete with the big boys then sparkley new Drupal site is for you!

Flash / ActionScript

Sometimes a visually spectacular website is all it takes to capture your target audience. Dangle some super slick animation coupled with dynamic sound and video and you’re in the front row for the best the web has to offer.

My flash version of this website – which is more for presentation than huge amounts of content is written in ActionScript 3 and has ColdFusion 8 for server-side support.



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