If you’ve just received an error like this and you’re left wondering what on Earth it means. Here’s a simple explanation.


Chmod 755 in Windows? – Eeek!

Greetings Earthlings! Have you just seen something similar to this?

You should change the permissions on D:\{blah, blah}/wp-content and make it more restrictive. Use your ftp client, or the following command to fix things:chmod 755 E:\{blah, blah, blah}/wp-content/

If you’ve just received a message to increase restrictions to enhance security and it tells you to do a chmod 755, being like the other 95% of the planet that don’t use Linux, you’re probably left wondering what on Earth it means.

Chmod 755! Don’t you know?

No we don’t that’s why 95% of the planet don’t use Linux. And just to make a point I can actually program a 6502 microprocessor in binary, but when I talk to people I use the English language – it’s called the wonderful gift of communication (or should I say the ‘English communication protocol’?).

All chmod 755 means people is this:

755 means read and execute access for everyone and also write access for the owner of the file. When you perform chmod 755 filename command you allow everyone to read and execute the file, but only the owner is allowed to write to the file as well.


Just to show you my Uber prowess at being a Geek/Nerd – If you have a Commodore 64 or a Commodore Pet type this and run the code:


To make it a bit easier for you, I thought I’d write it down in Hex, just for those of you who aren’t quite there yet:

20 E4 FF F0 FB EE 20 D0 60

There, that makes it almost too easy.

What do you mean you still don’t understand, do I have to spell it out for you? How about if I put it in Assembly…



INC $D020


And if you still haven’t got it, well then you must be a bit thick (or a normal human being/non geek)

“This is what it means: Wait for any key on the keyboard to be pressed, then change the border colour of the screen.”




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