There are a number of different reasons that you might have to reset your router, but across the board the most likely reason you need to reset your router is because it has detected a hack attempt or there is a bug in your routers programming.

If your Internet connection is really – really slow it could be because:

1. You have a virus on your system

Yup, if you have any kind of virus or spyware on your system the chances are that your computer is being used as part of a network of computers to deliver spam, or a botnet to infect other systems. Before you blame anyone else – make sure – that your system is clean. It’s a bad thing to point a bony finger only to find out later that the problem is because your system is infected with a virus.

2. Your router has an ‘open’ connection (meaning someone is ‘sharing’ your connection)

If your router isn’t configured properly (especially through wireless) it is possible that someone else is using your Internet connection. This is a socially very nice thing to do. Many bars and restaurants supply an Internet connection free of charge to their customers as it’s good for business. However if you’re at home and you really need all the bandwidth you can get hold of, then you really want to make sure you have WPK-SPK, TKIP or similar to secure your network.

3. Your ISP is rubbish.

I have had numerous ISP’s on the phone (obviously I run a computer company and so deal with ISP’s on an almost daily basis) I have had a number of MAJOR ISP’s swear blind that there’s nothing wrong with the connection – it’s not their fault etc.. Yet I shown them the diagnostics, I’ve proved to them that without doubt that it is their fault and sometime later miraculously the problem fixes itself (even though the ISP supposedly hasn’t done anything) – amazing.

You will find that the majority of ISP are in fact utter liars, some of the big ones will never admit that they have a problem and would far rather everyone regarded them as perfect – yer right! You might find that you’re paying for a 20MB/s line and are only being provided with 1MB/s (which I have also seen before). Major corporations have absolutely no problem with screwing you into the ground. Corporations are not there to be your friend, they’re not there to make society a better place – they’re there to make money it’s as simple as that. If it’s in their best interest then they’ll fix it.

4. Make sure you have the latest version of your routers firmware or buy a new – more secure and probably more expensive router.

The software that drives your router which is embedded in a re-programmable chip called an EEPROM can also need updating just like Windows does (thought fortunately not as often) but you might find that there is a newer version of the router firmware available from the vendors website.

About Spam.

In 2008 I was part of a global experiment by McAfee. It was called ‘Super Spam Me’. The idea was that 50 people from around the world (5 people from 10 different countries) would be selected to purposefully indulge in spam – responding to every email that was sent to them, filling out every offer, joining lists and signing up for just about everything that was on offer.

“There’s nothing important on my computer I have nothing to hide and I don’t have any top secret documents stored on my computer – so why do I need all this security?”

If your computer is not secure, it is quite possible that your computers operating system could be compromised. If this is the case your machine might be taken control of and used to relay unwanted email (spam) to many, many other people. This is a multi-pronged problem, it means your computer might start to run very slowly indeed, it could also make your Internet connection very slow and it also means that your computer could be used to take of or infect other computers so yes it is important to maintain your computers security at all times. Make sure you are behind a good firewall and keep your anti-virus software up to date at all times. Also remember if you download ‘warez’, hacked or cracked software you are potentially inviting in an assortment of rogue software onto your computer.


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