Not so many visits from Africa!
Not so many visits from Africa!

Is it just my website or is there a big blank hole where Africa is concerned? They are simply not on the Internet – I’m not saying I run the most popular website in the world, but then again I also do not believe that the African’s have a particular propensity to avoid my website.

I have had visitors from South Africa, Cameroon and Uganda, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco those visits are really quite few and far between, but what about the rest of Africa?

As you can see I run a computer repair company. I now propose to everyone reading this to help the Africans as much as I can by helping to provide them with technology. I would go over there and live. I would train a sufficient number of their people and set up an infrastructure that would help them rapidly gain a standing.

Further, I would ask my suppliers to provide me with equipment to install (for which they get full recognition) to bring Africa not only out of desperate need, but to help bring them to the forefront of modern technology. As far as I’m concerned Africa has a clean slate – so much potential. Vast flat planes that would be absolutely perfect for the new Wi-Max technology.

I would ask family and friends, peers of the relm and all my associates for support. I hereby declare this as a matter that is honor bound, with integrity and purpose of vision.

If you are reading this please do not look away now. I have had dreams about this and I ask you all and I give you my vow that any technology you can give me, from old PC’s (upon which I will install Linux because it’s FREE – unless Microsoft choose to give me a substantial donation) to printers, to DVD’s anything and everything (please bear in mind that they do not want your shit – I was an aid worker in Bosnia in 1994 and although they appreciated that we came they were not too happy being given every bit of crap that would otherwise be thrown in the bin!).

I will visit as many areas as I can. I will install, fit, train and otherwise do everything I can to wire up a nation and hopefully help as many people as I can manage.

I will be a man of absolute honesty and integrity and I will work as heard as I can (bringing an entire country the size of Africa into the 21st Century isn’t an easy task you know).

I do not ask for vast sums of money. In fact I ask nothing. Sustain me and I will do the rest.

I pray to God Almighty that if it is within your ability or desire to help I believe great things can come from this.

Go on. Answer a prayer. God Almighty does listen, but you know a lot of the time he actually answers through his people.

My mobile number is: +447875374630
Email: [email protected] dot

God bless and many thanks


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