Because it’s been programmed badly that’s why. Let me explain – Huge companies such as Adobe / Apple / Microsoft etc… are only interested in one thing – making money – that’s the bottom line, that’s it right there.

They love buzz words such as Object Orientation, they love high level languages that can be easily ported to as many other formats (computer microprocessors or operating systems) as quickly and as cheeply as possible.

Yes, Adobe may be in the Software business, but then they’re also in the make as much money as you can business. I can not honestly lay the blame entirely at Adobe’s feet. It was not long ago that the Flash player in Firefox was appawlingly bad with Internet Explorer (every version) being at least twise as fast at displaying Flash as any other browser, with Safari and Opera seriously lagging behind. Worst of all was Google Chrome which was so bad it was necessary to use JavaScript to check for the Chrome browser to then avoid Flash entirely!

One startling realisation is this:

Do you know why there are so many library/plugin files such as TweenLite available for Flash? It’s because TweenLite is about 5 times faster than the built in code developed by Adobe, in fact just about every single library file in the world is faster less bug ridden (and also free) than anything that has been developed in house.

It may not seem it by the way I’m sounding here, but I use Flash myself. I quite like ActionScript 3.0. It’s not exactly ‘C’ or Machine Code (which has always been my programming language of choise) but it’s not bad to work with.

What will the future of Flash be?

Well, if I were to make my predictions here – and I will. I’d say that Adobe are secretly focusing big time on the next major release of the Flash player – Flash player 11.

According to Steve Jobs, Adobe are lazy. I don’t believe this to be true at all. I’ve been a video games programmer for far too long to believe that one. Every software company – especially in the games industry are pretty much slave drivers, motivated solely by financial gain and power. Everything they do is for this. They would drive their staff t the point of bleeding-out-the-eyeballs, they would make you cancel your wedding or sell their grand mothers soul just to screw another $ out of you.

Adobe are not lazy. Either they are working around the clock using their very best programmers to deliver a 64 bit version of the Flash player – for all formats with proper, speedy drivers for all the major graphic cards and operating systems OR, they’re just being totally stupid.

But what about HTML 5 – won’t that wipe the floor clean and put Adobe in their place?

Oh dear, a question like that sound’s as though it was spoken by a member of the Hitler youth. A poor sap who’s been suckered in to re-gurgitate the properganda of the mega-corps.

I’m sure HTML 5 is very nice. I must say I do like the new <canvas> attribute. But have you seen the speed? Please. I know at this stage [please see date of article above] the demo’s of IE9 are supposed to be showing off some amazing capabilities, but as an ex-video games programmer myself working in HEX/Machine code/Assembly the speed of these extra functions are embarrasingly bad – really, it’s so bad it’s unbelieveable – When I run a 3d video game on my computer do I see, glitch, glitch, glitch? Do I see a frame rate of 12 fps just to display a couple of lines of text that can scale?

Come ON!

What is the bloddy matter you people. Are you just employing the most shit programmers in the world or are you just forcing them to work within you stupid bullshitty codeing structure? Some people call a spade a spade, and some people call a spade a metal impliment for the extraction of earth.

In summary.

I really do hope that Adobe pull it together for Flash player 11. Somehow, as much as I really hope they produce something to stun the world, it might just not be.


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