Why is Yahoo so bad at blocking spam?

Of all the FREE email services available, without doubt the worst is currently Yahoo Mail (as of 2009).
I have found an email in my spam box and an identical spam email in my ‘Inbox’ why is this? This is because Yahoo are spammers. They offer a free email service to anyone who wants one. The only way Yahoo make any money is through advertising.

As a computer programmer myself I believe that there is absolutely no possible way that spam simply slips through undetected. No programmer could be that stupid as not to be able to program an extreamily efficient spam detector.

The ability to be able to program a computer does require some skill and a certain degree of intelligence or aptitude. For any programmer not to be able write a program to eliminate spam would require a level of such utter stupidity as not to be credible.

Therefore et ergo I summise to say that Yahoo simply allow spam to get through to your Inbox on purpose and because they wish their public image to appear to be altruistic and above reproach I am given every reason to suspect they pump out spam emails on behalf of spammers and receive a nice back-hander for doing so. In my opinion they are cowboys and that’s why they call it Yahoo!

My advice?

If you want a free email account the ONLY one worth having is a GMAIL account.

This is why Yahoo is so far behind Google in just about every way one can think of.


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