I have a Virgin Media 50Mbps Fiber Optic connection using Windows 7 yet I’m only getting 2.5Mbps from speedtest.com. Using Windows XP I was getting 50Mbps.

The steps I have tried so far are these:

Go to a Command prompt and type this command, after a few seconds you should get an OK.

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

After that I tried turning off Remote Differential Compression:

Start –> Control Panel –> Programs –> Turn Windows features on or off

Then I unticked Remote Differential Compression.

I have also read:

The problem in most cases will be the scalable network pack in conjunction with certain network adapters, especially Broadcom 57xx chips.


I also disabled the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport that I found enabled in >Network and Sharing Center > Change Adaptor Settings – Shutdown my PC and rebooted… still the same speed.

According to a Virgin Media engineer who called round, some software firewalls can slow down file transfer speed so I disabled it…

Still running slowly…

I have checked that both my WiFi and NIC drivers are up to date but still get no more than 3Mbps…


I finally found a fix by uninstalling Apple’s ‘Mobile Me’ and boom! My Internet speed increased 10 fold. I now get 15-20 Mb/s a stunning improvement. My advice is if you are running Mobile Me on your system – Unstall it. Mobile me is as bad as a virus.



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