windows7It would seem that the World loves Windows 7 – and so do I, but I have had to ask myself a simple question. Is it because I want to love Windows 7? Or is it because Windows 7 is a truly excellent product?

Well to be honest, I’d say it’s a bit of both. Will Microsoft ever be like Apple? No, I don’t think it will. The whole programming ethos of Microsoft is simply too messed up. Bigger is better, bloated is good. Buggy is what it’s all about (keep your customers coming back for patches, upgrades – in their desperate attempt to get their ‘fix’)

I think in many ways Microsoft is a lot like the ‘drug dealer’ of the software industry. Get em’ hooked, keep em’ desperate – but first and foremost keep em’ coming back for more. The next ‘fix’ really will be all you need – damn, ok the fix after that…

When I first installed ‘7’ I thought it was great, some really nice touches to the OS and I kept thinking to myself, Oooh that’s a nice touch and oooh I like that. The trouble is (and here’s a bit of conspiracy theory) I can’t honestly believe that thousands of programmers and multiple billions of dollars and decades of time and yet still an operating system can have so many flaws – unless it was intentional. (Conspiracy theory is now over).

Here are the facts.

.mov files don’t play properly, even though Microsoft have made a valliant effort at writing a codec themselves (oooh well done, it’s almost like big boys programming) their decompression of the .mov movie format just doesn’t really work properly, my suggestion here is to just stick with the K-Lite codec pack until Microsoft actually get this fixed – lol.

Another problem that will deserve a system restart is the speed of the wireless networking after coming out of hybernation you will find it to be about 1/10th the normal speed.

Yet another glaringly obvious problem – I’ve also noticed that the search bar across the top right of every windows explorer folder doesn’t always work, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t – it’s a hit n’ miss kind of thing. One can place text into the ‘search’ box hit enter, and… errr well that’s about it really – nothing happens at all.

Another slight problem that’s best to be made aware of is that Water closet 7 can create shall we say – ‘a flexible number of restore-points’ that over even a small period of time can amount to vast amounts of space being consumed on your hard drive. I’ve had to delete over 40 Gig so far and that’s just in a couple of months. Your hard drive – no matter how vast it might be- will be eaten away like a disease gnawing away at flesh – I’m talking many, many Gig in just over a month. This is not a massive problem (if you’re a system admin and you understand what’s happening to your computer) but a lot of users will require the services of a decent system optimising utility such as TuneUp Utilities.

Other than that, let me see… Oh yes the whole Windows 7 file systems runs like a dog, if you’re running any sort of security program (which is utterly essential if you don’t want your computer riddled with viruses and spyware only seconds after switching it on) such as AVG anti-virus. Kaspersky and probably numerous others – I haven’t been able to try them all, but for example – copying a single 350MB file can easily take upwards of 4 hours.

What can I say? Stunning. Well done Microsoft. I know the World loves the under dog and you have managed to remain the planets most successful, wealthy, mega conglomerate of an under dog the entire Universe has ever known. It’s taken thousands and thousands of programmers decades to write a program that no one really understands, has never really worked and yet like some sort of ‘crack fix’ you manage to get people coming back for more.

It’s not so much that the world hates Linux, it’s just the World hates every one of those soptty retards that think their the world’s best programmer just because they wear glasses, have terrible hair-cuts and almost no communication skills… wait a minute that sounds like Bill Gates? Actually Mr. Gates did learn the skill of communication (and when to bail out and call it a day), maybe that’s the trick…

If you expect a perfect operating system from Microsoft – get a bloddy grip – it’ll never happen. If you want an upgrade from XP or that other utter disaster Vista grab yourself a copy of Microshaft’s Winblows 7.


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