magician-iconbigIn the days when we were still beta testing for Microsoft Windows 7, it was really quite nice. I’m not saying that it’s now crap, but I do feel it is my duty – now that it’s been released to say – it’s not the operating system that so many millions of us were hoping it to be.

The most recent of problems (after all updates) is that the file system seems to take an incredibly long time to access. I’ve had my system locking up a lot recently – no it’s not because of a virus or spyware – or at least I don’t think so. Malwarebytes comes up clean – so does ComboFix.exe.

About a month ago my system was a lot more stable than it is now. I like the way Windows 7 works, I like the way Windows 7 looks, but it would seem that above and beyond all our hopes and dreams we still need to bear in mind that it is a Microsoft product.

Like millions of others on this planet, I would love Windows 7 to be the answer to all our computing hopes and dreams. I’m not saying that Windows 7 is a dog. I’m just saying that it’s a dog with fleas. Once we’ve applied the flea powder by way of critical updates/service packs/rollups’s/driver updates it will hopefully settle down.

Windows 7 is a nobel effort, but I would sadly seem that the days of ‘plug it in and it just works’ are still not with us.

It’s now been over 15 years since Microsoft released Windows 95′ and here we are all this time later, hundreds of Billions of dollars, tens of thousands of programmers and trillions of lines of code and still we are left with an absolute pile of….”pzift”…

…That was perfect! Hahahaha… Just as I typed in that last sentence and my laptop showed me the blue screen of death! The timing couldn’t have been better…

Anyway as I was saying before everything bombed out. Microsoft Windows 7 (even though they have written over 20 OS’s) is still just as crap as they ever were. The World is suffering from mass delusion – because so many millions of people really do want to believe that Microsoft could finally write an OS that is actually stable that we are all willing to pay them several more billion $ through utter delusion. Would the Apple approach work? Now that Microsoft are opening up their own stores, maybe having a system with dedicated hardware might be the answer?

Microsoft it would seem are still unable to provide a stable OS, and they really never have been able to, after 7 service packs for Windows NT, 4 service packs for 2000, 3 service packs for XP, and 2 for Vista – maybe – just maybe there only need be 1 service pack for Windows 7 and having any more would be completely unnecessary because the OS was so stable… fingers crossed.

Another problem with Windows 7 is the almost rare ability to be able to actually use your computer yourself. What do I mean? Well lets see:

Windows 7’s Windows Defender wants to kick in every single day scanning for viruses and malware. Windows Defender won’t kick in at a time when it’s ok to do so – oh no. I will kick in whenever you really need to use your computer in a hurry, it will kick in when you’re just about to make a presentation, it will kick in when you’re just about to print something really urgent.

Windows Defender will take over your system when ever it feels like it. Sapping your processor power, draining your hard drive bandwidth and making your computer unuseable. Which is of coarse totally fine – I don’t mind looking like a Muppet having to wait for 2 hours while my computer takes 10 minutes to open a browser window while the entire board of company directors waits patiently to see my demonstration… No problem at all.

What is basically boils down to is – I would like to be able to use MY computer MYSELF. I don’t want to have to switch on my laptop and then wait for 4 hours while it scans for viruses. If we also believe companies like DiscKeeper who tell us that disk defragmentation is more important now that it ever was (when solid state disks become the norm defragmentation will become utterly irrelivent) then between defragging, virus scanning, system optimisation, removing errors from the system registry etc… I am left wondering if I will ever be able to use any of the processor cycles for work that I want it to do?

Having just said all that I will now do my duty as one of the industries IT visionaries and say where technology really will go:

It will take twenty years before consumers have stability and usefulness from their home computers. Microsoft will  not be top dog. The open source community will have finally succeded though it won’t be an OS called Linux. It will be a hybrid that no one will completely own or completely understand. Every home will have it’s own server and AI will be installed embedded in every appliance.


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