“Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation.”

When prompted with error unable to complete installation:

Press SHIFT-F10 to bring up command prompt.

type MMC

Click File -> Add/Remove Snap-in… (Or CTRL+M)

Select Computer Management (Double click and Finish on Local Computer)

Click OK

Double click Computer Management (Local) -> System Tools -> Local Users and Groups -> Users -> Double Click Administrator -> Uncheck Account is disabled -> OK

Now right click Administrator -> Set Password…  ->  Set a decent password to get started.

Now, restart.  Should be good to go.


If this doesn’t work try next step:

SHIFT-F10 to bring up command prompt.

type:  CD C:\windows\system32\oobe

type msoobe


Make a generic account and password.  hit finish (if it requests a product key and you have one, enter it now.  if OEM/No key required, just finish).  Set time/date.  Finish.


Should be good to go.

Alternatively this error could be caused by something else entirely:

Found the solution: The machine’s BIOS has the “SATA Operation” setting in “RAID on” or “AHCI” mode. This setting is good for W7 install and image creation. (And gives the best disk performance if everything is working) But this is not good when restoring the image from the WDS server…

FIX: Put this setting back to ATA in BIOS and do the WDS image load again. Woila, the W7 will mini-install and boot up normaly. After all settings are done, you may download the machine specific AHCI driver and install it. Don’t forget to set back the BIOS setting after you install the AHCI driver BEFORE start the W7 again.