I’m using WordPress 2.8.5 and am trying to add a related posts plugin, but as soon as I activate it I get this error:

WordPress database error: [The used table type doesn’t support FULLTEXT indexes]
ALTER TABLE sdn_posts ADD FULLTEXT `yarpp_title` ( `post_title`)

Any idea how to fix this?

Yes indeed, this is a common problem and there’s a simple fix. It’s to do with the database engine that MySQL is using. FULLTEXT is not supported by the InnoDB engine.

Personally I’m using MySQL Query Browser not phpMyAdmin. Just locate the table in your WordPress database probably called wp_posts though it might have your initials instead of ‘wp’ and then ‘edit table’. There’s a tab called Table Options. You will then see a dropdown list under storage options.

Just select MyISAM instead of what is probably InnoDB. Your table will now be converted to use the new storage engine.



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