Installing Microsoft’s Work Folders on Windows Server 2012 R2 is a pretty simple process.

However if you’re getting error messages like 🙁 The request times out. on your iPad / iPhone or messages like:

There was a problem using your email address to find your settings. Correct your email address or enter a Works Folders URL instead.

The server name or address could not be resolved (0x80072ee7).

Please don’t bother watching the lamentable YouTube video I’ve just sat through. The whole point of Work Folders is to share a folder at ‘Work’ to any other device securely over the Internet. This requires an SSL. You can use one generated by your domain controller but that will only work for computers that are joined to your domain. If you’re accessing files and folders form say your iPad you will need to import a public CA-generated certificate.

At the time of writing this article goDaddy are offering a 1 year certificate for £3.99. Which seems like a pretty good deal to me.