Filling out HMRC’s CT600 form.

I’ve been trying to fill out my CT600 for several days now. I’ve had to wait for a week for stupid login details to come through the post. Then I have had to wait another 48 hours before I can access the CT600.pdf form. Then I need to ‘trust’ their certificate and it just doesn’t work.

I go to trust the certificate but all the options are ‘greyed out’ like so:


I’ve followed the instructions on this site: which simply don’t work, so I try to continue and then get this error:


Nothing, nothing sodding works. I’m stressed up to the eyeballs, the threats of fines, the hours spent in utter frustration. I call HMRC on the phone and I get the recorded message (paraphrasing) “We’re all too busy to answer your call…” And then I get disconnected. I cannot even begin to tell you how frustrated I am.

Solution Attempt:

Following these steps here actually DOES work 🙂