Q. Brilliant. So I try to log into my Synology DiskStation and I get told to talk to myself as the system administrator for authorization. What gives?

A. Well the first thing to do would be to try to login from another IP address. So if your home has more than 1 computer on your local network, try logging in from there. (fortunately for me I have several other laptops and servers at home). If you only have 1 computer available I suggest you change your IP address manually. There are plenty of tutorials on the net that explain how to do this.

That should at least get you logged in.

Digging a little deeper it would seem that for ‘security’ reasons your DiskStation has decided to block your IP address. To remedy this, once you’re logged in from another local IP, go to the following.

Control Panel > Security > Auto Block.

Then click on the Allow / Block list.

Here you will see a list of IP addresses that your DiskStation in its wisdom has decided to block. Simply highlight these and delete. You’re now good to go.

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If you’re logging in from an iPad or other system that classifies as a ‘mobile’ device you may not see the Control Panel icon. In this case you should see Auto-Block under Services, so select that and then select Block List.

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